Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions


Campus sports and recreation can enhance social, physical and emotional well-being for students and should be made inclusive of students with disabilities. The following are some suggestions from PSE institutions on how they are working to ensure students with disabilities are able to fully participate in campus sport and recreation activities:

  • Provide fully accessible recreational facilities with, for example, accessible doors, ramps and elevators, washrooms, change rooms and drinking fountains.
  • Make staff available to provide assistance to students with disabilities both to access the areas within the sports/recreation facilities and in the use of equipment.
  • Offer exercise equipment specifically developed for people with disabilities such as wheel chair accessible equipment and pool wheelchair lifts.
  • If there are fitness or training programs available, offer adaptable services for students with disabilities.
  • Organize a volunteer program for students who use the gym facilities or are enrolled in fitness classes, programs or teams. Pair them up with a student with a disability who is interested in those activities and requires assistance.
  • Organize sports and recreation teams or events for students with disabilities such as a wheelchair basketball team or league.

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