Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Resource Guides

Transition guides for students with disabilities are a practical way to provide key information to a broad audience and can be provided to those who are unable to attend an in-person session. A guide could be complementary to the orientation session and would include many of the same key topics. The guide would serve as a reference point for students and provide contact information and links to key information both on and off campus. The following are some tips utilized by PSE institutions in creating useful transition guides.

  • Include in the guide a calendar for students with disabilities that highlights key dates, deadlines and milestones.
  • Provide an on-line copy of the guide for all students to access and/or print.
  • Provide hard copies of the guide in the student disability office and consider making the guide book available in other student areas such as the counselling office, health services, student union office, etc.
  • It is important that the guide book be made available in multiple formats.
  • It is also very important that students know that the guide book is available. Make reference to the guide and/or provide a link to the guide in places such as the general student orientation manual, student handbooks, new student acceptance packages, college/university promotional materials, etc.
  • As parents and caregivers often provide a strong supportive role for students transitioning to post-secondary education, it is helpful to have a section providing them with tips on how to assist students during this process.
  • It is important to keep the guide up to date and ensure that resources and links are current. Review and update the guide regularly.

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