Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Training for High-School Educators

High school educators and guidance counsellors play a key role in linking students with disabilities to the appropriate PSE resources. It is therefore important to increase educatorsí awareness of the opportunities, requirements, and supports available to students with a disability. The following are some best practices that PSE institutions have developed on how to educate high-school educators:

  • Consider hosting an orientation session tailored to high-school educators that is similar to those for students with disabilities.
  • Provide a short presentation for high school educators and counsellors in their own institution. It could be a structured group presentation, or a simple one on one informative discussion.
  • Develop a resource guide or web page that educators can refer to for up-to-date information such as an educatorsí section in the transition guide for students with disabilities.
  • Maintain informal relationships with key educators at local high schools as it allows for the easy exchange of information in the event they have specific questions or if they need to be informed about changes that will impact incoming students.

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