Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Programs for High School Students Resources

The resources below are examples that may be helpful in developing transition materials targeted towards high school students with disabilities who are planning on attending PSE.

College/University Resources

  • The Transitions Program at Douglas College is a part-time, 16 week program for students with special needs and/or learning difficulties in Grade 12 or Grade 12+. The program is designed to assist students in making successful exits from secondary school into training or workplace settings. http://www.douglas.bc.ca/programs/basic-occupational-education/transitions.html
  • The Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) has the Smart Steps Day program. Students will get the opportunity to learn about skills, tour the campus, try out some assistive technology, and meet some staff and students. http://www.disabilityservices.nscc.ca/en/home/exploreyouroptions/smartsteps/smartstepsday.aspx
  • The Blundon Centre at Memorial University implements academic (testing) accommodations for potential students while they are in high school/before they enter the University upon receipt of appropriate documentation. Staff members also regularly give presentations and set up a display at information nights that are arranged for high school students with disabilities and their parents. To find out more about both of these, contact the Blundon centre at (709) 864-2156 or by email at blundon@mun.ca

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