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Saskatchewan Student Loans

The Saskatchewan Student Assistance Program consists of a number of plans, grants and programs to assist qualified Saskatchewan students in realizing their post-secondary education and career goals.

The federal and provincial governments offer repayable financial assistance as a supplement to the studentís and/or familyís resources. The Canada Student Loans Program provides 60% (to a maximum of $165 per week of study) of a studentís total assistance; the Saskatchewan Student Loans Program provides the remaining 40% (to a maximum of $110 per week of study). Also, under the Special Incentive Plan, eligible students may receive an additional $110 per week of study in provincial assistance.

Students are automatically assessed for assistance under the Canada and Saskatchewan Student Loans Programs when they apply using the appropriate application form. Federal administrative criteria are used by the Student Financial Assistance Unit to determine the applicantís financial need. In calculating need, the allowable expenses (tuition, books, supplies and living expenses, etc.) are determined and the resources available (including contributions by the student and/or parent/guardian) are subtracted. In addition, the student must not be in default on a previous Saskatchewan Student Loan and the course must be taken in Saskatchewan unless:

  • The student is enrolled in a program which is not offered in Saskatchewan; or
  • The student is enrolled in a graduate degree program outside Saskatchewan; or
  • The student is not able to obtain the program in Saskatchewan because of a quota system (for example, the program is offered in Saskatchewan but space is not available); or
  • The student is not able to obtain the program in Saskatchewan because the studentís marks were insufficient for acceptance in a Saskatchewan school; or
  • The student is receiving advanced post-secondary credits that will reduce the length of the program by at least one full semester; or
  • The student is receiving a major scholarship that reduces the total cost of tuition by at least $1,500 below the cost if the student remained in Saskatchewan; or
  • The cost of tuition at the out-of-province school is $1,500 or more below the same program cost at a Saskatchewan school; or
  • The student was attending a program of more than one year in length outside Saskatchewan prior to 1997/98 for which the student received Saskatchewan Student Loans, and wishes to continue studies at the same program at the same school; or
  • The studentís spouse, who is also a student, qualifies for provincial assistance under one of the above criteria.

Student Financial Assistance Unit
Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training
Room B21, Walter Scott Building
Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 3V7
Tel: 1 (800) 597-8278.
Fax: (306) 787-9178
Email: hotline@sasked.gov.sk.ca
Web site: www.sasked.gov.sk.ca