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Alberta Student Loans

Alberta Student Loans are available in addition to Canada Student Loan funding. The maximum loan total awarded is $10,700 per academic year, in a combination of Alberta Student Loans and Canada Student Loans. Additionally, dependent students who must move away from home to study may be eligible for up to $12,100 per academic year.

Any student qualifying for grants or government bursaries may receive those on top of the loan maximum. The Alberta Opportunities Bursary is a grant that provides up to $1,500 in lieu of loans to high-need students. Northern Alberta residents may receive a maximum of $1,500 under the Northern Student Supplement program. Also, students with disabilities are eligible for up to $5,000 per 12-month study period under the Canada Study Grants program, to offset disability-related costs associated with a post-secondary education.

The provinceís Skills Development Program helps financially disadvantaged clients in need of basic education or short-term skills training necessary for employment. The program is also available to assist apprentices who demonstrate financial need to attend formal training. The program provides up to $16,100 per academic year for full-time study and up to $600 per semester, or $1,800 per academic year, for part-time study. A deferred remission grant is available to Alberta students after graduation from a post-secondary program, to help control student debt. Remission is not payed on the Canada Student Loans portion of a studentís debt. It is also not available to students owing less than $10,000 after two years of college-level study, or to students owing less than $20,000 after four years of university-level education. For more information on post-secondary education funding in Alberta, contact:

Students Finance Information
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