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Funding and Scholarship Programs

Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division Lorne Fraser Educational Fund

This award is designed to encourage and enable people with metal illnesses to pursue goal oriented job skills/ training at the post–secondary level. The Fund awards $500 to college students, and $1,000 to university students to cover the cost of books and tuition.

Applicants must have a history of mental illness, and must currently be participating in some form of therapeutic support. They must have an identifiable job goal, and demonstrate a need for financial assistance. Applications are due April 15 each year. For an application contact:

Chair, Review Committee, Lorne Fraser Educational Fund
C/o Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division
Suite 1200 - 1111 Melville Street
Vancouver BC, V6E 3V6
Tel: (604) 688- 3234
Fax: (604) 688-3236
Email: office@cmha-bc.org