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Non-Governmental Organizations

AQEIPS (Association québécoise des étudiants ayants des incapacités au post-secondaire)

AQEIPS was created and launched by a group of Quebec students with disabilities in 1991, to ensure students with disabilities in the province have access to post-secondary education without restriction. It also advocates for students with disabilities’ right to access fully integrated services within the community.

AQEIPS is NEADS’ Quebec sister organization, and the two associations maintain close links. The Quebec Representative of the NEADS board of directors attends AQEIPS board meetings and NEADS ensures that the Quebec group has a seat at its meetings.

AQEIPS educates the public on the experiences and needs of people with disabilities through activities such as meetings, seminars and research projects. It also encourages representation of students with disabilities through the creation of disabled students’ organizations in post-secondary institutions throughout Quebec. AQEIPS has a board of directors with members representing different regions of the province. For more information contact:

425 Sherbrooke St. E, Suite 06
Montreal, Quebec, H2L 1J9
Tel: (514) 499-9451
Fax: (514) 499-9592
Email: aqeips@qc.aira.com
Web site: www.aqeips.qc.ca