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Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA)

As Canada’s only national non-profit organization run by and for hard of hearing people, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association raises public awareness of issues concerning people with hearing difficulties. It aims to promote self-awareness among hard of hearing people, and remove barriers to their equal participation in society. The CHHA achieves this by educating hard of hearing Canadians of their rights, and advocating for educational, employment and social environment improvements.

It also seeks standards and greater availability of technical devices for people with hearing difficulties. Its eight provincial chapters and 48 local branches across Canada are open to members both with and without hearing loss, who are committed to the aims of the association.

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
2435 Holly Lane, Suite 205
Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7P2
Toll-free: 1 (800) 263-8068
Tel: (613) 526-1584
TTY: (613) 526-2692
Fax: (613) 526-4718
Email: chhanational@chha.ca
Web site: www.chha.ca