Access to Academic Materials for Post-Secondary Students with Print Disabilities


The project Access Academic Materials for Post-Secondary Students with Print Disabilities and this report were made possible with funding from the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program (SDPP). The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) would like to thank SDPP for its generous support. We also acknowledge, with thanks, the significant contribution to the project of the steering committee: Jennison Asuncion, Adaptech/NEADS; Serge Brassard and Paulo Monteagudo, Association québécoises des étudiants ayants des incapacités au postsecondaire (AQEIPS); Leo Bissonnette and Gladys Loewen, Canadian Association of Disability Service Providers in Post-Secondary Education (CADSPPE); Robin Drodge, NEADS; Mary Anne Epp, Library Contract Services, Langara College; Catherine Fichten, Adaptech; Trisha Lucy, Library and Archives Canada; Pauline Mantha, Learning Disabilities Association of Canada; Rachael Ross, NEADS; Jutta Treviranus, Resource Centre for Adaptive Technology, University of Toronto; Elizabeth Walcot-Gayda, Council on Access to Information for Print Disabled Canadians.

Many thanks to the 197 students with disabilities and service providers from across Canada who participated in our survey research. Also, we would like to acknowledge the excellent written submissions that we received from the following organizations: Assistive Technology BC, Disability Service Providers in Post-Secondary Education in Alberta, Canadian Association of Disability Services Providers in Post-Secondary Education, Steering Committee on Transcription Services (Ontario Ministry of Education), W. Ross MacDonald School, College Committee on Disability Issues (Ontario), Canadian Association of Educational Resource Centres for Alternate Formats and the British Columbia College and Institute Library Services.

This report was written by Liam Kilmurray and Neil Faba, with support from Laurie Alphonse; edited by Neil Faba and Frank Smith. All online content for the project was developed by Chris Gaulin, NEADS’ Website Architect.

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