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Government Funding Programs in New Brunswick

Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities

The EAPD program in New Brunswick has been renamed, and is known as "Training and Employment Support Services (TESS) for Persons with Disabilities." Post-secondary education is eligible for support. The program is administered based on a case management approach and support for post-secondary education will be considered when the program in which one enrolls relates to a clear and attainable occupational goal, in the judgement of the case manager.

At the time of data collection for this directory no waiting list was reported for access to the TESS program.

Information about the TESS Program, and/or a meeting with a case manager, can be obtained through the local office of the Provincial Department of Human Resources Development. These offices are located in major cities and towns across New Brunswick; check your telephone directory for the office nearest you. For more information, students can access the web site:

Student Loans Program

In fiscal year 1998-99 12,973 New Brunswick Provincial Student Loans were finalized, 4,768 New Brunswick Bursaries were issued and 132 Canada Study Grants were issued.

The New Brunswick Provincial Student Loan is a provincially subsidized loan, repayable with interest. The maximum assistance is: 40% of assessed need, up to $110 per week of study. The remaining 60 percent can be obtained through the Canada Student Loan Program.

The program also offers support for part-time study. This support is a federally subsidized loan, repayable with interest. The maximum assistance available is $4,000 at any one time. The course load requirement is: enrollment in between 20% and 59% of full-time course load or, enrollment for a period of study less than 12 weeks in duration.

New Brunswick also offers bursaries, which are non-repayable grants. The maximum assistance is $50.00 per week of study. To be eligible, a student's assessed need must be greater than the maximum student loans available.

For more information contact:

New Brunswick, Student Financial Services
Tel.: 506-453-2577 (Fredericton area)
Toll-free: 1-800-667-5626